Boxing For Everyone

Learn Self Defense

Boxing specializes in teaching kids and adults alike how to stand up to bullying. We teach kids in a different manner than we teach adults but the principles remain the same. Boxing builds confidence in one’s ability to defend themselves, giving them the tools to stand up to bullying.

Advantages of Boxing

Peak Performance


Florida Boxing Training will have your chicken wings turn into triceps with our high intensity heavybag workouts. Among Olympic athletes boxers were found to be in the best physical condition out of any other sport.*


You will never get bored at our Florida Boxing Training workouts in Kendall. Every lesson is an exciting new workout towards your perfect body.


“F.B.T is one of the best training programs that I have ever used in my 15+ years of combat training. After training with this company my conditioning and technique were taken to another level. They start with boxing fundamentals and build your confidence. I learned more with Florida Boxing Training in one session than I did in ten sessions with my previous boxing trainer. ”

-Ami James, Miami Ink/NY Ink

“After training with F.B.T. my body fat dropped from 22% to 15%. Initially, I was nervous to try boxing but they simplified things and took me through the process step by step without getting frustrated. After just a few weeks I could see a noticeable difference in my overall definition and body tone.  uses a unique training method that kept me engaged with each session providing a different type of challenge. ”

-Tina Jordan, Actress


Calories Burned

High Intensity MInutes

Pick A Plan

Beginner Package
Learn the inside secrets to the Sweet Science with an introductory boxing lesson


Champion Package
Six Pro Lessons to have you feeling like the Champ